Third Annual
Virtual Claretian Alumni Reunion
Sunday, October 23, 2022
The Eve of St. Anthony Claret’s Feast Day

  • 10:00am to Noon
    • Conversation How the Claretian Experience Informs* Our Lives
      • Facilitated by Robert Carey ’64
  • Noon to 1:00pm
    • General Session
    • Welcome and Opening Prayer
      • John Crowe ’64/John Raab ’63, CMF
    • Outline of the schedule
      • Herb Kaighan ’58
    • Alumni Tribute: Fr. Marty Kirk ’56, CMF
      • Pat Reardon ’68/’70
    • Provincial Greetings
      • Rosendo Urrabazo ’70/’72, CMF
    • Greeting from Dominguez Seminary
      • Brian Culley ’80, CMF
    • Dominguez Seminary Centenary
    • Closing Prayer
      • Mark Brummel ’51, CMF
    • In Memoriam – Recently Departed Alumni
  • 1:00 to 2:00pm
    • Continuation of the Conversation on the Claretian Experience

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*NB: Reflecting on the use of the word informs, perhaps giving a little clarity to its meaning is called for. I use the sense found in the definition’s elaborations a and b in my Merriam-Webster dictionary. These are: 
– a: to give character or essence to (as in) “the principles which inform modern teaching”. 
– b: to give characteristic quality of : Animate, (as in) “the compassion that inform her work.” 
          I like using informs and its dictionary definitions as they are broad neutral concepts. The very fact that inform used this way is not a term we normally grab for the use here opens the window to a broader spectrum of topics. Modern rational man is by nature a problem solver with a “reductionist” thought process. As a result,  I think we run the risk of  narrowing the conversation too much if we provide very specific topics and examples of the right answer.  Which our audience will further parse. We are looking for life lived experiences, which we all can relate to and hitch hike our own experiences onto. All ideas accepted.— Robert Carey ’64

All times are Pacific Daylight Savings