Qualified Charitable Deductions (QCDs) Provide Smart Giving

An increasing number of our alumni are finding that QCDs make sense as they support the Dominguez Centenary, their parishes, and other charities. If you are over 70½ and taking your IRA’s Retired Minimum Distributions, QCDs may make sense. This method allows you to make income tax-free distributions from your IRA to a charity, rather than give a gift from after-tax dollars. Information on QCDs can be obtained from your brokerage, or take a look at Fidelity Investment’s website ( › learn-about-iras›qcds). Alumni thinking of benefiting the Claretians with a gift from their IRA account may get information and instructions by contacting [email protected]. Needless to say, alumni should first contact their tax advisor to see if a QCD makes sense in their particular situation.