Claretians Meet, Elect New Leaders for Province

By Fr. Brian Culley, CMF

Superior, Dominguez Seminary and Chapter Delegate

Claretians meet to elect New Leaders for Province

From left to right: Fr. Javier, Fr. Tom, Fr. Paul Keller, Fr. Soosal, Fr. Eddie

The Provincial Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries met in June to evaluate the past six years, set the course for the next six, and elect new officers—the provincial and four council members.
    `The chapter meeting, usually held every six years, was held June 5 through 9 at Mundelein Seminary in Chicago with Father General Matthew Vattamattam presiding. Fr. Paul Keller was elected Provincial for a six-year term. Elected to the Council were Fr. Thomas McGann, Treasurer; Fr. Eddie DeLeon, Prefect for Personnel Development; Fr. Francisco Javier Reyes; Prefect for Formation; and Fr. Reegan Soosai, Prefect for Apostolate.
    Every superior of a Claretian “house” of at least three members is automatically a delegate to the chapter. Members of the Provincial Council are also delegates. Then, perpetually professed members elect an equal number of delegates from among their number. The superior general of the Claretian Missionaries, or one of his council, presides at the chapter meeting as president.
    For the last fifty years, since the renewal mandated by Vatican II, we have experienced an assembly/chapter in which all members of the province can observe the chapter deliberations and participate in a limited way. This chapter meeting did not follow that model, and was limited to the delegates only.