U.S. Catholic Magazine

Due to the efforts of Robert Carey ‘64, U.S. Catholic Magazine digital edition is now free of charge to Claretian Alumni courtesy of the Claretian Order. The best way to appreciate what the magazine writes about is to visit the website To Reveive your own digital edition of U.S. Catholic Magazine, email your name, email address and state when and where you were in formation with the Claretians. This could high school, noviate college, etc. to [email protected]

We Appreciate These Claretians Staffers Who Help Us

Three staff members of the Claretian community are always supporting our Alumni Association, from sending e-mail blasts, to receipting gifts, to keeping the mailing list and distributing this newsletter through the mail house.

    Irma Villa and Edith Morales staff the Claretians’ Temple City office, very near the San Gabriel Mission. Both long-term employees, they have many duties that keep the Claretian communities functioning in the West. Irma and Edith are part of the administrative team supporting the retired residents at Dominguez Seminary. But still, they always find time to meet our alumni needs in a quick, supportive manner, be it receipting gifts, keeping the mailing list current, or distributing this newsletter.

    Concepción “Coni” Schneider manages the technology needs of the Claretians at Chicago’s provincial headquarters. She is always ready to produce and distribute email blasts to the alumni. She helps keep us abreast of departed brothers and the progress of the Claretians worldwide through her electronic messages.