First Year Of Centenary
Campaign Exceeds Expectations

The Alumni Association launched a $500,000/­five-year campaign in late 2020, hoping to raise $100,000 in the ­first year. The goal was ambitious. But response went beyond everyone’s expectations, with $130,000 in gifts received in year one. Alumni contributed $53,265 with matching donors and other friends providing the remainder. One mailer to alumni featured Fr. Albert Vazquez’47 CMF, a senior resident at Dominguez. Friends of Fr. Al heard about the campaign and contributed $6,800, with pledges going into future years. Several alumni made transfers from their retirement account, a tax-wise method for some. The Centenary Campaign is focused on needed capital improvements to ready the seminary building for a new century. A first step is a professional analysis of the infrastructure needs. With that core study in place, a schedule of prioritized improvements will be made to accommodate a growing senior population. The last improvements to the building were more than 30 years ago. Dominguez Seminary serves retirees from throughout the United States and Canada, what had once been three provinces. The seminary also provides hospitality to international Claretians making short visits.
Improvements ­financed by alumni gifts in recent years include air-conditioning the dining hall and community room, electronic opening doors to assist those in walkers, creation of a meditation garden around the old pool, and the purchase of video conferencing system. The video-conferencing system has allowed seniors to stay active in the congregation’s meetings and to continue their ministries, such as the instruction of permanent deacons. The additions have been important. But as the seminary passes the century mark, the Alumni Association sought to work the Provincial government on meeting longer-term and larger needs. This was the reason for the ­ve-year campaign.
The Association will be joining with the Dominguez residents and others to stage a year-long celebration in 2024. The series of programs throughout the ‘24-25 year will focus on the many contributions the Claretians have made in Southern California and the importance the Claretian’s ­first seminary in North America. An informational piece was mailed in October seeking alumni to join in the centenary, making a pledge or committing to a gift. More information can be obtained from ClaretianAlumni@gmail.com


Over the last three years, the Association has raised funds to improve the building, designed decades ago for young men,as it now serves the needs of today’s senior residents. Installing air-conditioning in the dining hall, for example, was the first project undertaken.

As the centenary approaches, the Association has launched a $500,000/ five-year campaign. Alumni gifts are being double-matched by friends and all dollars count towards the goal.

Consider a Centenary Pledge or Gift

An invitation to participate in the Dominguez Seminary Centenary Campaign was sent to alumni in October. Five-year pledges at different levels are being sought. For those not wishing to make a pledge at this time, single gifts supporting the campaign are appreciated.

Several alumni have made campaign gifts with transfers from their IRA accounts. Such transfers can reduce mandatory retirement distributions (RMDs) which can reduce income taxes. For more information, call 213-999-6380.

Consider a Centenary Pledge or Gift

Claretian Alumni who made a pledge or gift to support the senior priests and brothers through the Dominguez Seminary Centenary Campaign during Year I. Please join them in Year II with a pledge or gift.

Michael Anderson ’63
Bill Andre ’62
Allen Archambault ‘63
Vincent Basile
Jose Blanco ‘69
Fr. Mark Brummel ’51
Robert Carey ‘64
John Crowe ‘64
Msgr. Leslie Delgado
John Derrig ‘50 (in memory)
Mike Devaney
Dennis Dillon ‘63
Jim Doyle
Larry Eneim ‘66/’68
Robert Fargo ‘69/’71
Pierre Forgette ‘64
Joe Gallagher
Marcial Gonzalez ‘63
John Gross ‘48
Br. Thomas Haerle
Gene Hovelson
Bill Johnson ‘63
Joel Kahn ‘64
Herb Kaighan ‘58
Brian Kroll

Francis Lake ‘52
Robert Loera ‘63
John Loggins ‘59
Jude Lopez ‘64
Gonzalo Martinez ‘61
Jim Mayer ‘61
Larry McGloin ‘68/’70
Ron Myres ‘66/’68
Gabriel Perez ‘63
Joe Polach
Fr. John Raab ‘63
John Reed
Jose Sanchez
Greg Schaub
Rev. John Sebehar
J. K. Smith ‘67/’69
Dennis Sweeney ‘69/’71
Louis Tenzis ‘56
Anonymous ‘66/’68
Charles Utz
Marcel VanCamp ‘66
Robert Zeman ‘65
John Zimmerman ‘68/’70
John Zodrow ‘62
Arthur Zozay