Dominguez Seminary Centenary 2024

Modernize Seminary for a New Century

Greetings from the Claretian Alumni Association!

I write today to tell you of the great success we are having with the Dominguez Seminary Centenary Campaign – and to invite your participation.

For those of you who have made a gift, thank you and please consider another this year. If you are paying on a pledge, thank you for continued support. And if you have not made a gift, now’s the time to join us.

A little more than two years ago, we announced our intention to raise $500,000 for the modernization of Dominguez Seminary, now housing retired Claretians. We said we want to raise this sum to celebrate the founding of the seminary in 1924, the year the Dominguez Family gave in trust the Adobe and 17 acres.

We have been successful. Alumni gifts, matched by generous sponsors, are approaching $300,000.

Our goal is to make Dominguez Seminary a comfortable, safe residence for our retired Claretian priests and brothers. These residents are our teachers, mentors and friends. For us, this is a way to pay back.

As a first step in developing a plan to modernize the seminary building, the Association provided funds for a review of the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs of the building. A seismic study was done to assure the building is sound.

A priority plan is being developed. (See next page) As we approach Christmas, we reflect on the many benefits we received. Please take a moment to reflect on how the Claretians impacted your life and on how you might be a part of this momentous alumni effort to help our retirees. God bless you and yours during this season. Please know the priests and brothers at Dominguez hold you in their prayers.

John W. Crowe ‘64
On behalf of the Claretian Alumni Association

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Claretians get the historic property?

Heirs of Manuel Dominguez gave the 1826 Adobe and 17 acres of adjoining property to the Claretians in 1924 to use as a seminary. The Claretians came to Los Angeles in 1907 to minister to the Spanish-speaking, and developed a friendship with the family, who built an additional building for the seminary in 1927.

Will the Claretians ever sell the Dominguez Seminary?

No. The property and historical adobe care held in trust by the Claretians and must be returned to the family should they no longer have use for the property. They cannot sell the property.

Is investing in the 100-year-old seminary building a sound idea?

The Santa Monica architectural firm which directed seismic upgrades on the building more than 30 years ago undertook a new study and found the build structurally sound and suitable for modernization.

Will there be enough retired missionaries to occupy the seminary in the next twenty-plus years?

Yes. Twenty-five percent of the Claretians in the US/Canada province are over 70. Forty five percent are between 50 and 70, so looking to retire in the next twenty years. Dominguez is the Claretians’ primary retirement community.

Does the Seminary have additional uses, other than the retirement community?

In addition to the retirees, the seminary is also home to men in active ministry, visiting Claretians, and members from throughout the world who have come for a period of study at one of Southern California’s great universities. The 3,000-plus Claretian Missionaries serve God in 70 countries on five continents.

How will the Centenary be celebrated?

The Centenary begins Oct. 24, 2024, the feast day of St. Anthony Claret, with a Mass and Celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of gift of land and the adobe from the Dominguez Family. In-person and on-line programs will take place throughout the year, several in conjunction with the active Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum. Christmas and Easter will feature special Masses. A 20s period costume gala is being planned. And the 44th Annual Claretian Alumni reunion and BBQ will round out the year on Aug. 23, 2025.

List of Dominguez Residents 2022

Father Brian Culley
Brother Paul Roy
Father Al Vazquez
Father John Raab
Father Frank Ferrante
Brother Tom Haerle
Father Matthias Nwaiwu
Brother Rene Lepage
Father Bob Bishop
Father Bert Billett
Father Steve Sherwood
Father Milton Alvarez

Father Jim Curran (RIP)